Another one

In a much more relaxed tone, maybe for some other kind of workout… 😉

Blood Bros Playlist

I don’t know how I had never put this here… The best workout music, and free!

How to save

Next Monday, will start charging users for the privilege of listening to music from their service. I, like many, am not willing to pay for this. Nevertheless, I think I’ve found a way to keep, at least, part of the free online radio. It’s very simple.

Only play royalty free music.

I’m sure many artists only want the exposure and are willing to let play their music for free. Jamendo and Magnatune, for example would probably be interested in this. would only have to implement a system where the artist selects, or not, this option. All the other things that make the service good will keep existing, but for the free users, instead of playing every available artist, it would select only those from the royalty free list. I could live with this, could you?

8-Bit Christmas Songs

Long time no post, so here’s my Christmas present to you all: 8-Bit Christmas Songs via

The sound of music rocks! + YouTube = aka my own personal MTV.

Rattlesnakes by Tori Amos

This must be one of the best covers I’ve heard in a long time: Rattlesnakes by Tori Amos. The original is from “Lloyd Cole and the Commotions“, and you can hear it here.

I wish had a player we could embed in a webpage, even if it only had 30” of the song.