So long, Dopplr

On November 1st, Dopplr finally closed down. I know I should have stopped using it a long time ago, but for me it was still the only one that joined simplicity and the features I needed.

But what really annoys me is that they gave less than 15 days notice, and I only noticed it last week. Would it hurt them if they had sent one last email? Well, FUCK YOU Nokia. I’m glad I stopped using your phones years ago. And I didn’t need any notice for that, thank you very much.

Another one

In a much more relaxed tone, maybe for some other kind of workout… ūüėČ

Blood Bros Playlist

I don’t know how I had never put this here… The best workout music, and free!


Como os feeds RSS dos nossos jornais s√£o, normalmente, uma merda, criei, h√° uns anos, um para obter directamente os as edi√ß√Ķes em PDF do jornal OJE. Esse, est√° dispon√≠vel aqui.

Como agora tamb√©m h√° uns artigos de opini√£o do Expresso que gostava de ler e, para variar, os feeds n√£o funcionam, criei mais um para o “A tempo e a desmodo”: aqui.

Foi tudo criado através do Feed43, e se alguém quiser mais algum do Expresso, basta dizer, pois torna-se bastante fácil depois de já ter um criado.

Just testing yet another music service…

Could be interesting.

Oblivion OST

Yesterday I went to see Oblivion. What I liked the most was the soundtrack, so here it is.