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I started reading comics almost as soon as I learned to read. Mostly Disney’s, Uncle Scrooge and gang, but I never liked Mickey Mouse that much. I remember they all came from Brazil, with the Brazilian Portuguese translation, and never knew when/if new ones would arrive. Of course, there were also the classics, Tintin, Asterix, etc. And that was all I read until the Summer of 1990.

I don’t know why, but my older brother bought some X-Men comics, of course, still imported from Brazil. By that time, they were publishing the Inferno story line. That was it. I was hooked. For the next few years, we bought Marvel’s comics regularly and even witnessed the start of the official national Portuguese editions. It was great!

Of course, with age, new interests start to arise, and some old ones die down. This happened with comics. I still enjoy reading them now and then, and I still buy some new ones when they publish them in paperback collections. Mainly, I stick with the independent ones or something new that really catches my attention. There’s even one I bought (and still buy) just because of the cover (Astro City):Astro City - Life In The Big City.

And then came the movies. Sure, we’d had Batman in the 90’s, but it was DC Comics, and I never cared much for them. X-Men was what I was craving for! And it was… ok. Better than what we had before, which was nothing, but that was just the first one. Marvel made all the right decisions, and then Spider-Man came along. And Hulk. And Iron Man. And Thor. Most of them did pretty well on their own, but there was a point to all of them: The Avengers. I loved them all.

While this was happening, DC Comics was being left behind. The only recent successful (critic wise) films they had where the first Batmans from the 90’s (and revolutionized the genre). They needed something quick. Christopher Nolan proved to be the correct choice to reboot the thing. Unfortunately, Batman was still the only money-maker. Superman was nowhere to be seen.

Which brings us to next year’s Man Of Steel, a reboot of the Superman franchise. I’ve only seen a teaser trailer, but I liked it!

The interesting this is, Marvel’s films are all out visual extravaganzas, and DC’s are more “psychological” if you will. I like both, and hope this genre continues for many years.

P.S.: Yes, this post doesn’t actually say much, but I just saw The Dark Knight Rises and liked it! 😀

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