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In Portuguese Video

Malditos comunas!

Só para o caso de ainda não terem ido ver O filme do ano, aqui fica uma amostra.

Serviço Público:Como distinguir perigosos comunistas dos outros cidadãos respeitáveis.

Posted by Capitão Falcão on Segunda-feira, 27 de Abril de 2015

Techy Tech Travelling Video

My 2014 on Strava

The few times I practice any kind of exercise, I usually quantify them with Strava. This year, it looks like they have a neat video summary. I’m not sure if I should be proud of myself…

Video link.

Nothing In Between Video

Twelve Monkeys

One of my favourite movies ever is getting a series. Well, time to fire up the good ol’ torrent.


Life with(out) gluten

Just saw this on Conan. It pretty much describes life with(out) gluten.

Music Video

It’s The End Of The World

Music Nothing In Between Video

The Greeks by Is Tropical

In Portuguese Music Travelling Video

Nem sei como dar titulo a isto… :-D

Prt.Sc Techy Tech Video

My Blackberry Is Not Working!

In Portuguese Portugal Prt.Sc Video

O meu hino para o mundial

Qual “I gotta feeling”, qual carapuça! O que precisamos são de Sete Voltas P’rá Muralha Cair!