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Finalmente, a scooter eléctrica que eu queria e legal! Infelizmente, agora é tarde, já tenho a Vespa. No entanto, fica a noticia para quem estiver interessado.

Esta scooter é, neste momento, a única mota eléctrica em Portugal com homologação para andar na estrada com 2 pessoas e que tem uma potencia de 2500 watts. Já existem algumas motas eléctricas de 750, 1000 ou 1500 Watts mas tal potência não é suficiente para transportar 2 pessoas ou para percorrer grandes subidas. É capaz de superar inclinações de 20% com um condutor de 90 kg, ou de 12% para 2 ocupantes (150 kg).

Link aqui.

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Update on the Vespa

Well, it’s been about two weeks since I got the licence for the Vespa, and I must say it’s great! No traffic, no parking problems, no stress. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Some info on the licence, for Portugal:

  • If you have a driving licence, category B, issued before March 30th of 1998, you can drive a <50cc scooter. Anything after that, you’ll need to get a new one.
  • To get a new one, if you do have a driving licence, category B, you’ll just need to do a practical exam. If not, theory and practical exam.
  • After applying for the exam, you’ll have to wait around five weeks to get a set date.

Good links about Vespas and scooters (in Portuguese):

Portugal Prt.Sc Travelling Vespa

Now available on two wheels!

Vespa LX 50 4T

Yes, me.

I’m now a proud owner of a black Vespa LX 50, four strokes. Funny part: minutes after buying it, a guy (looked like one of the bike shop customers) turns to me and says “That’s a great machine, congratulations!”. Well, I have no idea if it is, and it sure looks good to me, but I can’t stop feeling I’ve entered a very exclusive club, or better, two exclusive clubs: motorbike owners and Vespa owners. And I just want it to commute, avoiding (most of) the traffic and not pay parking.

Next step: learn how to drive it.