Stuff to sell

I’m selling some RAM modules on eBay. If you want to buy them “outside” eBay, leave a comment.


I’m now on my second Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Gio), which actually has a slower chip than the last one (Sony Ericsson Xperia X10). Nevertheless, the “experience” is much better: it doesn’t crash, it’s fluid, etc. This just leads me to believe that Samsung has it and Sony Ericsson, now just Sony, doesn’t.

Anyway, the perfect smartphone for me would have the following characteristics:

  • Android (with the latest version and at least upgradable in the near future) (and root able)
  • Dual SIM (at least one of them with 3G connectivity)
  • front and rear camera (with the last having at least 5MP)
  • LED flash
  • decent screen size (at least 3.5in, but smaller than 4.8 in)
  • At least 512MB of RAM and 1GB internal storage, but the more the merrier.
  • The best CPU possible! ūüėÄ

The chinese phones are the ones best positioned for this, and I’ll probably get one next year. Why next year and not now? Only now they are starting to ship phones with dual core chips and, with more time, they’ll get Android 4.1 working decently. Also, the prices will fall due to all the competing manufacturers! These guys look like they are on the right path.

Take back control

Online privacy has never been so discussed as now. Cases about people being prosecuted for whatever online activity they do are growing each day, “cloud” storage companies pop up every week, with Terms of Use more or less dodgy, and we’re losing control of our own lives. Although Google allows you to take all (or most?) of your data out, the sheer amount of what it knows about a person can be scary!

Fortunately, the options are also expanding, enabling us to take back control of what we so easily handed over to others so that we could user their services for free.

For example, I’ve stopped using Flickr a while ago, but my original pictures are stuck there, because I can’t download them unless I pay them. In essence, they are hostages. My option was to start using openPhoto, hosting the photos in Dropbox. Yes, Dropbox is also a closed service, but it’s an intermediate solution until ownCloud¬†(which I’ve also installed to replace Dropbox) get’s its own plugin to support openPhoto.

The though part is that to take back control, you may need to have your own domain and have some (but not that much!) technical knowledge to do this.

Does anyone know of more HYO (Host Your Own) services?

Vodafone webphone e chamadas que caem

Dado que estou a morar fora do país, instalei o webphone da Vodafone. Uma solução práctica e muito bem esgalhada. Infelizmente, sempre que recebia chamadas, esta caía ao fim de 31 segundos, sem falha. Pensei que pudesse ser manha da Vodafone, para me  obrigar a fazer a chamada de volta e pagar por isso (obviamente, chamadas recebidas são grátis).

Comecei por apresentar o problema no twitter e a partir da√≠ foi sendo escalado no apoio t√©cnico at√© chegar ao Diogo Paulo. Todas as pessoas do suporte que me ligaram foram muito simp√°ticas e prest√°veis, mas o Diogo foi quem mais esteve em cima do caso (e bem) e me obrigou (tamb√©m no bom sentido) a verificar todas op√ß√Ķes para despistar o problema. O que se segue √© a solu√ß√£o, para quem tiver problemas semelhantes.

O router/modem que tenho é um Netgear DG834(G), com o firmware da DGTeam V5.01.16 РDGTeam Rev. 1018 e a solução é:

  • Entrar nos menus de administra√ß√£o do aparelho. Normalmente entrar em¬†
  • Seguir para a sec√ß√£o “Advanced” e escolher “WAN setup”
  • Seleccionar a op√ß√£o “Disable SIP ALG”
  • Clicar no bot√£o “Apply” em baixo

E, em principio, a chamada j√° n√£o cair√° ao fim de 30 segundos. Funcionou comigo!

Me in wiggle 3D!

My first 3D image, with photo taken at the Doctor Who Experience.

Old school DIY

Since moving to Cambridge, me and the missus decided to get some bikes to move around. I got a Raleigh Detour and she a Dawes Red Feather 2010. And then I got the idea of doing a small bike tool roll with leather after seeing this. I also found other examples.

So, I decided to get some leather scraps or cut-offs and see what I could do.

leather cutoff - value around £3
The bigger piece from where this came costed around £3.

From a piece like the above one, I did this:

So completely not what I had envisioned...

Not pretty at all… but I still had lots of leather left overs, so what else could I do with it? Well, apparently, lots! Like, book markers!

leather book markers

Or even razor blade cleaners (idea from here and the good ol’ leather strop)!

leather shaver cleaner

Getting the leather ended up being quite easy, from here. But I think that in a big city it would be more difficult. I did find people selling it in on eBay, but it’s always better to sample the product before buying it. And so, I still have leather left overs… what else should I do with it? Or maybe I should start selling this… ūüėČ

Como configurar a internet num telemóvel chinês

Em 2008, quando andava a trabalhar para os lados da √Āfrica Oriental, comprei um¬†telem√≥vel¬†chin√™s¬†que permitia funcionar com dois cart√Ķes SIM em¬†simult√Ęneo¬†(fun√ß√£o conhecida como “dual sim”). Apesar de o processo de compra n√£o ter sido f√°cil, com encomendas trocadas pelo caminho, l√° chegou e devo dizer que tem sido bastante √ļtil, at√© mesmo hoje em dia, 3 anos depois. Se quiserem, podem ver fotos do “unboxing” aqui (√© um clone rasca do Sony Ericsson P1i).

Tirando falhas graves na usabilidade e tradu√ß√£o para portugu√™s, o √ļnico problema que tive foi na configura√ß√£o da liga√ß√£o √†¬†Internet, neste caso, da Vodafone. Como era um telefone que s√≥ usava quando viajava, n√£o tive grandes problemas por isso, mas, agora que o uso regularmente, resolvi investigar o problema e resolve-lo. Encontrei muito boa informa√ß√£o no f√≥rum Zwame, mas tive que afinar alguns pormenores. Assim, para configurar a¬†Internet¬†neste telefone (chipset MT6227) devem fazer o seguinte:

  1. Menu -> Services -> Data Account – >GPRS
  2. Escolher um dos perfis e “Edit”
  3. Escrever o seguinte nos respectivos campos:
  4. Account Name: Vodafone GPRS (neste podem escrever o que quiserem)
  5. APN:
  6. Username: wap
  7. Password: wap
  8. Auth. Type: Normal
  9. Gravar tudo e voltar para o menu de “Services”
  10. Escolher WAP -> Settings -> Network Setup
  11. Escolher um dos perfis e “Edit”
  12. Escrever o seguinte nos respectivos campos:
  13. Profile Name: Vodafone (neste podem escrever o que quiserem)
  14. Homepage:
  15. Gateway:
  16. Port: 8799
  17. Data Account: Vodafone GPRS (ou seja, escolham a conta que configuraram no ponto 4).

E pronto, dever√£o conseguir ligar-se √† net sem problemas. O √ļnico problema, no meu caso, √© que o browser instalado √©¬†extremamente¬†b√°sico e nem consigo usar o GMail. Mas acho que d√° para fazer tethering… ūüôā

Se gostaram e acharam √ļtil este pequeno guia, podem usar o bot√£o Flattr j√° aqui em baixo! ūüėÄ

My Blackberry Is Not Working!


So, for a week now, I’ve been using a new phone. It has a white side, a black side, and some pretty glassy-touchy-feely thing. It’s also from Apple Inc. and I didn’t bought it (obrigado Catarina!). iTunes is not compatible with my OS, so no sync with anything.

Impressions so far:

  • good for playing games
  • good for email
  • shit for watching videos (unless you convert them to some strange format only a few people use)
  • good enough for watching videos if you convert them to some strange format only a few people use
  • it has copy/paste!
  • Wifi is nice!
  • as phone, it’s just “OK”.

Let’s see if I can get used to this…

Fim do Prt.Sc

Agora que o Prt.Sc acabou, é possível assinar cada blogue individualmente. Para tal, basta usar o ficheiro OPML aquí disponível.

Este blogue usava um feed diferente para o planeta mas que agora deixar√° de existir. Assim, para o assinar, basta usar antes este: