iPhone, iPhone, iPhone…

I actually find OpenMoko prettier… AND it’s an open platform!


More images here.

Wii Would Like to Play

Yes, I would. My younger brother isn’t convinced yet (at least until PES6 is ported), but I am. I’ll just have to wait until the DVD feature is bundled next year.

I now have 3 wireless access points at home. I don’t need so many, but the third one was free! Thanks to Plazes and Fon

Lilian, you should check out that Plazes thing… They even speak german there… 8^P

The Free Ryzom Campaign

Ryzom is a game, a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, uff…), and it’s parent company is about to go bankrupt. So, instead of losing all the work already poured into it, why not turning it “open source”?

This guys are doing it, and all they need is your contribution. I contributed (or at least pleaged to do it) with €5. It’s not much, but hey, anything is good.

Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?

Just hilarious…

I want a Wii!

After all I’ve read and seen, specially after this videos, I want a Wii. It might not be the best console around, but it sure looks like the funnest!

power supply unit
My computer is looking more like Frankenstein’s Monster each passing day. Thanks to the power shortage last night, my computer’s power supply unit died. It served well for several years, but it’s time was due. Fortunately, I had another one lying around from an old computer and I quickly replaced it, but now I can’t close the computer’s top and since I already have one side open, it’s a wonderful vision of cables and parts inside. I should get a transparent case. That way I could see the dust piling up.

Free Wi-Fi in Lisbon

Lisbon from St. George Castle

Finally, we have free Wi-Fi in Lisbon! The City Hall decided to partner with three ISP (Broadnet, Zapp and PT Wi-Fi), and now everyone can acess the Internet on these locations. This initiative will last until June of 2007. There’s also a RSS channel to follow further news on this subject (in portuguese).
On a more curious note, the initiative’s homepage is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence 2.5. Way to go!

It looks like the cheap router times are over. Hurry up if you want one. And don’t do like me, I believe I’ve bricked mine with all that firmware flashing.

Actually, I did a bit of wardriving myself in my neighborhood, and it was ridiculous the amount of unprotected home wireless networks I could access. So, free Internet… just thank the stupid neighbors.

Podcasting In Education – The Slides

Here they are, the slides from the “Podcasting In Education” presentation at SHiFT. Too much stupid images and few words. I have a text that goes perfect with this, it’ll be online later on. But probably not today.

If you can’t see an image below this line, it’s because the presentation’s host site is in beta. And that is pretty much an excuse for everything. You can also try this link.

You may have noticed that I’m using SlideShare. You can comment (on the full presentation or individual slides), share and even “flag as inappropriate”! How appropriate… If you want an invite, you can email me at duartegrilo( at )gmail.com.

Edit: It looks like that site has some issues with WordPress. The slides can now be seen here.