My Blackberry Is Not Working!


So, for a week now, I’ve been using a new phone. It has a white side, a black side, and some pretty glassy-touchy-feely thing. It’s also from Apple Inc. and I didn’t bought it (obrigado Catarina!). iTunes is not compatible with my OS, so no sync with anything.

Impressions so far:

  • good for playing games
  • good for email
  • shit for watching videos (unless you convert them to some strange format only a few people use)
  • good enough for watching videos if you convert them to some strange format only a few people use
  • it has copy/paste!
  • Wifi is nice!
  • as phone, it’s just “OK”.

Let’s see if I can get used to this…

Fim do Prt.Sc

Agora que o Prt.Sc acabou, é possível assinar cada blogue individualmente. Para tal, basta usar o ficheiro OPML aquí disponível.

Este blogue usava um feed diferente para o planeta mas que agora deixará de existir. Assim, para o assinar, basta usar antes este:

O meu hino para o mundial

Qual “I gotta feeling”, qual carapuça! O que precisamos são de Sete Voltas P’rá Muralha Cair!

Please, don’t screw it up…

Let’s say, for whatever reason, you’re the first human ever to make alien contact…

Guide to the first alien encounter

Lady Gaga – Telephone ft. Beyoncé

I’m not a fan of either of them, but I recognize a good music video when I see it.

If you can’t see it, you may try it here.