I have a dream…

… that someday, in the near future, this will happen.

If you can’t see the video, click here to see: hot chicks in underwear fighting with light sabers. And beer! No, really!


xkcd - Base explanation

It was freaking time someone explained this!

You know you’re in Kenya when…


Heck, they had a holiday when he was elected, but they prefer to kill each other when they have their own elections…

New Star Trek trailer

It’s not really fresh news, but there’s a new trailer for the next Strar Trek movie (guess what… it’s a prequel…). What I really liked was the the teleport efect. Check it out.

Starbucks my ass!

Link to this video here.

All of them from here.

Faz como eu digo, não como eu faço

Acho irónico que os comentários no blog do Movimento Liberal Social necessitem de registo e aprovação. Sou o único a achar isto uma atitude, no mínimo, limitadora da liberdade individual?

É por estas e por outras que, a cada dia que passa, a política em Portugal é cada vez mais uma piada.

This year, the Euro Cup is going to be boring

Really, check Lilian’s blog post and you’ll see what I mean…

Um Mundo Catita – As minhas coisas favoritas

Se não conseguir ver o video, carregar aqui: Um Mundo Catita – As minhas coisas favoritas

Update on the Vespa

Well, it’s been about two weeks since I got the licence for the Vespa, and I must say it’s great! No traffic, no parking problems, no stress. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Some info on the licence, for Portugal:

  • If you have a driving licence, category B, issued before March 30th of 1998, you can drive a <50cc scooter. Anything after that, you’ll need to get a new one.
  • To get a new one, if you do have a driving licence, category B, you’ll just need to do a practical exam. If not, theory and practical exam.
  • After applying for the exam, you’ll have to wait around five weeks to get a set date.

Good links about Vespas and scooters (in Portuguese):