Me in wiggle 3D!

My first 3D image, with photo taken at the Doctor Who Experience.

The Greeks by Is Tropical

This was somewhere on my portable HD…

Fake subway advisory

I have a dream…

… that someday, in the near future, this will happen.

If you can’t see the video, click here to see: hot chicks in underwear fighting with light sabers. And beer! No, really!


xkcd - Base explanation

It was freaking time someone explained this!

You know you’re in Kenya when…


Heck, they had a holiday when he was elected, but they prefer to kill each other when they have their own elections…

New Star Trek trailer

It’s not really fresh news, but there’s a new trailer for the next Strar Trek movie (guess what… it’s a prequel…). What I really liked was the the teleport efect. Check it out.