8-Bit Christmas Songs

Long time no post, so here’s my Christmas present to you all: 8-Bit Christmas Songs via WiiNintendo.net.

Naruto Clash of Ninja EX trailer

Several mashed up trailers of another game for the Wii. If Tekken isn’t ported to the Wii, and it doesn’t come with this type of gameplay, I’m so ditching it…

How to really play the Wii…

Another one from the drafts: Massive multiplayer online games as third places.

This one is interesting and it also relates to the name of this blog, so…

A major concern of home media such as television and the Internet is that they are replacing essential social institutions and community. While a previous post has indicated that this might not be true, this research paper looks at massive multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft to determine if they are indeed “third places”.

Lose weight with the Wii

It looks like it’s true: link.

Since I haven’t gone to the gym in quite a while, I guess this is my final notice. Tomorrow I’m going to cancel… my subscription? I’m out of English words for this.

The Wii Sex Movie

I guess there’s fun for everyone…

Wii-diculous – Playing the Wii in a Movie Theater

This is getting ridiculous…

Wii Would Like to Play

Yes, I would. My younger brother isn’t convinced yet (at least until PES6 is ported), but I am. I’ll just have to wait until the DVD feature is bundled next year.

The Free Ryzom Campaign

Ryzom is a game, a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, uff…), and it’s parent company is about to go bankrupt. So, instead of losing all the work already poured into it, why not turning it “open source”?

This guys are doing it, and all they need is your contribution. I contributed (or at least pleaged to do it) with €5. It’s not much, but hey, anything is good.