New homepage

Just to point out I’ve got a new homepage.

I’ve been a fan of the style since I saw it but, as I have my own domain, it’d make only sense if I did it on my own. So, there it is, almost HTML5 compliant, made from scratch, with a couple of hints from Bruno Amaral (thanks!). It’s not perfect by far, and I plan to change the background image to one made by me, but it has the essential social media links as well as some others. If I may say so myself, it’s not bad at all.

So long, Dopplr

On November 1st, Dopplr finally closed down. I know I should have stopped using it a long time ago, but for me it was still the only one that joined simplicity and the features I needed.

But what really annoys me is that they gave less than 15 days notice, and I only noticed it last week. Would it hurt them if they had sent one last email? Well, FUCK YOU Nokia. I’m glad I stopped using your phones years ago. And I didn’t need any notice for that, thank you very much.