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Take back control

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Online privacy has never been so discussed as now. Cases about people being prosecuted for whatever online activity they do are growing each day, “cloud” storage companies pop up every week, with Terms of Use more or less dodgy, and we’re losing control of our own lives. Although Google allows you to take all (or most?) of your data out, the sheer amount of what it knows about a person can be scary!

Fortunately, the options are also expanding, enabling us to take back control of what we so easily handed over to others so that we could user their services for free.

For example, I’ve stopped using Flickr a while ago, but my original pictures are stuck there, because I can’t download them unless I pay them. In essence, they are hostages. My option was to start using openPhoto, hosting the photos in Dropbox. Yes, Dropbox is also a closed service, but it’s an intermediate solution until ownCloud (which I’ve also installed to replace Dropbox) get’s its own plugin to support openPhoto.

The though part is that to take back control, you may need to have your own domain and have some (but not that much!) technical knowledge to do this.

Does anyone know of more HYO (Host Your Own) services?

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