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Since moving to Cambridge, me and the missus decided to get some bikes to move around. I got a Raleigh Detour and she a Dawes Red Feather 2010. And then I got the idea of doing a small bike tool roll with leather after seeing this. I also found other examples.

So, I decided to get some leather scraps or cut-offs and see what I could do.

leather cutoff - value around £3
The bigger piece from where this came costed around £3.

From a piece like the above one, I did this:

So completely not what I had envisioned...

Not pretty at all… but I still had lots of leather left overs, so what else could I do with it? Well, apparently, lots! Like, book markers!

leather book markers

Or even razor blade cleaners (idea from here and the good ol’ leather strop)!

leather shaver cleaner

Getting the leather ended up being quite easy, from here. But I think that in a big city it would be more difficult. I did find people selling it in on eBay, but it’s always better to sample the product before buying it. And so, I still have leather left overs… what else should I do with it? Or maybe I should start selling this… 😉

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