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My mobile phone killer app, part 2

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Some months ago, I predicted an application that would merge all contact forms in one place. I was expecting Android to be the first one with something like this, but it was Nokia. I did not see that coming!

Ever since I got my first SonyEricsson mobile, I never gave Nokia a second look. The phones were ugly, with shity and slow software. SonyEricsson’s had (and still have) a great design, with a much more user friendly and intuitive software. Unfortunately, people where too hooked on Nokia (Microsoft style) to notice it, and never got to try it out.

Now… this is the first time I’m expecting something good out of Nokia, a mobile that actually fits all my demands (in no specific order):

  • WLAN
  • 5 Megapixel (the minimum to reach the old 35mm role’s quality) camera with video recording capability
  • Bluetooth
  • An OS that is a bit more open than most
  • and of course, the killer contact list!

I’m sure that last feature will be copied and, hopefully, improved by others. Finally!

I don’t know the final price, but “they” are saying around $750. It is expensive but, after that, it can only come down…

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Sure it’s nice, but it’s lacking in that killer app part. Also, I’d only go for a HTC mobile if it’s very, very good and there aren’t any other alternatives, and the N900 is a quite nice alternative.

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