Road Trip in Nairobi, Kenya

Road Trip in Nairobi, Kenya from zedascouves on Vimeo.

Music from Occidental Indigene:

You know you’re in Kenya when…


Heck, they had a holiday when he was elected, but they prefer to kill each other when they have their own elections…

Bergamot – FOSS Software for the Symbian OS

I’m a big fan of Symbian and UIQ3, so I was very happy when I found Bergamot.

In their words:

The Bergamot Project produces high quality free and open source software for the Symbian mobile phone platform used by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Samsung.


As the Symbian environment is presently undergoing significant changes, we are shifting the project’s focus from the UIQ user interface towards S60, which will be the basis for the coming Symbian OS.

Still, I’ve been using Escarpod (a podcatcher) under UIQ3, and it works really well.

Transparência na AP

É uma excelente iniciativa da ANSOL, baseada no Base – Contractos Públicos Online. Esta ferramenta pode muito bem, e deve, ser o ponto de partida para investigações jornalísticas sobre os ajustes directos mais ou menos transparentes que se avizinham.