New Star Trek trailer

It’s not really fresh news, but there’s a new trailer for the next Strar Trek movie (guess what… it’s a prequel…). What I really liked was the the teleport efect. Check it out.


It’s a sad day for UIQ

UIQ has announced that it’ll lay off their employees, as SonyEricsson and Motorola are no longer developing mobile phones based on that interface (UIQ3).

Basically, since Nokia bought Symbian, and they want to push their own version of the user interface (S60), UIQ didn’t have other choice. I do know that it had a much better product than S60, and you can see their prototypes here. I daily use a SE P990i with UIQ3, and I’ve compared it with my sister N80’s S60, and it’s much faster, easy to use, intuitive and pretty.

You can read the original piece here (in swedish… bork, bork), or try the Google translated attempt here.