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Reasons not to buy an iPhone

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  • the one you have still works well enough
  • the iPhone doesn’t do more than your current phone
  • you’re not usually lost, so you don’t need a GPS
  • it doesn’t make coffee, and hardly any mobile phone will ever do
  • this whole hysteria is… sad…
  • you actually hate Apple and it’s fan boys
  • you don’t have a problem with your dick’s size
  • you’re not going through a mid-life crisis

I guess I should also make a list of reasons to buy it, but probably other people will do it better.

Oh, I forgot to say, this post might eventually offend someone.

2 replies on “Reasons not to buy an iPhone”

1. no it doesn´t, neither does it have 7gb for movies and mp3
2. it blatantly does
3. Ocasionally i do get lost.
4. it doesn´t make coffee, but one day you may be able to remote your coffee machine and time it to when you wake up you´ll have your coffe ready.
5. Envy has always been a very sad thing.
6. Macs have better multi-tasking, useful widgets, and no viruses.
7. I do have a problem with my dick´s size (can´t walk properly when I have an erection.)
8. I will never go through a mid-life crisis, because i had GPS on my iphone, and made it to the dream job interview on time!


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