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Night out in Nairobi

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Friday Night

Friday night the team decided to treat ourselves with a (very) good dinner, so we went to Norfolk, which is probably the best restaurant in Nairobi. 😀 In the end and after a little bit more than a couple of bottles of wine, the night called for a disco, so off we went to Casablanca. Verdict: nice disco, but too much of a meat market to me.

Saturday Night

Saturday night was more calm. Isabel, a portuguese girl we met at a dinner in the ambassador’s residence, had her birthday, and we found out that fact in the middle of the dinner with her. After that, another bar/disco, it had “blue” somewhere in the name. Less people than the one on Friday, but more of the same.

Common to both was the music: old/african/the same stuff you heard 5 years ago in any other disco in Europe. If I sound too critic, it’s because I don’t like discos, not even in Europe. Why do I keep going there? I have to have something to blog about! 😛

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