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You know you’re a whore when…

  • you’re paid by the hour
  • you do everything the client wants as long as he/she pays
  • you live in hotel rooms or apartments paid by the client
  • you also work at night and on weekends
  • you find it difficult to explain to your friends what you do for a living
Prt.Sc Techy Tech Travelling

Now I know where McGyver grew up…

Forget Engadget, in Africa nothing beats AfriGadget!

Prt.Sc Techy Tech Travelling

Two weeks in Nairobi

Well, it’s been almost two weeks in Nairobi, Kenya, since I got here. Only five more to go… If the time table actually depended on our deployment team.

It’s quite amazing for me to, in the last six months, have already travelled about as much as all my life before, maybe not in kilometres, but for sure in staying length. For the record: more than a month in Poland, a week in Ireland, a week in Mexico and now, again, more than a month in Kenya.

So first, the job.
I’m part of a team of four, deploying the RAID software in Safaricom. And do follow the link, it’s not that kind of RAID.

ID Card

About that, that’s it.

About the country.
It’s definitely a third world country (should I expect anything else?), and things here move at their own speed. One of the things that most annoy me here is that everyone says “yes” to everything, but it actually doesn’t mean anything: you have to make sure that that “yes” actually is a “yes”, so don’t trust (almost) anyone. I’m thinking this may be common in Africa.

The usual stuff: safaris, souvenirs, very good landscapes… You can follow the photo stream here. I guess the photos look better than actually being there, as the safari was kind of boring (no man eating animals were actually eating).

More later… as in “later weeks”…

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PS quer proibir colocação de “piercings” na língua

E eu que (nem) sempre quis fazer uma tatuagem que me lixe!

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