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I’m now available on Dopplr

I hadn’t noticed, but it looks like DOPPLR is now open to public registration. Since in my current line of work I’m required to travel, this might come in handy.

For those interested, here’s the “about DOPPLR” text:

Dopplr is an online service for frequent business travellers.

Dopplr lets you share your travel plans privately with a group of friends and colleagues whom you have chosen. It then tells you when people you know will be in the same cities. It also reminds you of people who live in the places you’re planning to visit.

Dopplr works on your personal computer and mobile phone. It links with online calendars and social networks.

The service has attracted a following among business travellers around the globe. Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia recently named Dopplr his “favorite non-wiki website” in The New York Times Sunday Magazine: “You put in your travel schedule and link to your friends. It allows you to see where everyone is. I love it.”

If you want to add me, here’s the link.

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I might actually like this…

Star Trek Poster

Click on image for movie trailer.

Nothing In Between Prt.Sc Techy Tech Travelling

Quick update

I’ve uploaded a photo of the hack bag on the post.

In Portuguese Portugal

Um Mundo Catita

Isto é só “Um Mundo Catita“…

Nothing In Between Prt.Sc Techy Tech Travelling

My Hack Bag

Inspired by Pete Savage’s post, here’s the content of my usual “hack bag” (and I do carry it everywhere):

  • Swiss Army Knife
  • iRiver H320 (it can do everything: play music, radio, video, minesweeper, record sound, double as a portable HD. I’m sure that if I ask it nicely, it’ll also make coffee)
  • Sure headphones
  • USB cable, with nine (9) adapters
  • Gparted Live CD (actually a mini-cd)
  • 1GB USB pen (with some PortableApps)
  • Moleskine notebook
  • Pens (the writing kind)
  • 80GB portable HD (it’s a very recent addition, I’m still considering if it’s worth it’s weight)
  • Sony Ericsson P990i (it does everything a mobile should do and more, like… tea!) (No, not really…)
  • Lomo LC-A and flash (but I seldom use it…)
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Chewing gum
  • Toilet seat covers (funny story this one: I “stole” it from a soviet era hotel room in Łódz, Poland, which says a lot about the hotel if the room itself had them. Yeah, you never know when you might need it.)
  • Alcohol based hand washer liquid (you know, those Rituals things)
  • Chapstick
  • Matches and a lighter

I’ll put up a photo… eventually…

(Update) And here’s the photo:

My Hack Bag

If you click on it, you’ll be taken to it’s Flickr page, where you can see the description of each object. Yes, I know that there are things I mentioned on the list missing from the photo.

Nothing In Between Portugal

About the new anti-smoking law

Celso said it much better.