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This morning I got the strangest phone call…

A guy, calling from an anonymous number and out of the blue, offered me a job. The weird part is that I haven’t applied for anything in six months, and he was unable to tell me from where did he got my contact. True, the pay was better than the current one, but still… Of course, I had to turn him down, I’m quite satisfied with my current employer, and the position he offered wasn’t exactly my dream job.

If the recruiting processes  are now by phone and like this… I can’t say I like them very much…

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I once had a job offer to work in Lisbon and the recruiter also contacted me over the phone.

I didn’t knew the company so i was also skeptical about it.

Of course i went to Lisbon to evaluate the proposal and, although i didn’t got that job, they kept contacting me until we finally agreed on another one.

It is quite usual these days, they are “brain hunters” and will pick you your resume from the internet.

If you post on forums, mailing lists, whatever, and show good skills they will eventually contact you :o)

Luís Silva

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