Nothing In Between Travelling

For the record

There’s no real glamour in working in another country, unless:

  • you have the time to do some sightseeing
  • you actually know what you’re doing
  • the hotel you call home doesn’t actually suck

(I actually managed to get two of those points right.)

In Portuguese Nothing In Between

Histórias da vida real

Ouvido em escritório:

-qual o comando para formatar o texto?

– faz ctrl-B. Ctrl-B de Baca.

Nothing In Between

Pimp my blog

In the best “pimp my ride” style, I’ve changed the‘s “Recently listened” widget on the right to my “Neighborhood Radio”. Why don’t you give it a listen? It’s not half bad, if I may say…


Back to Poland…

…on Monday, the 20th. I’ll stay there for 4 weeks, does anyone want to show up? I heard that Poland’s lovely around this time of the year, not counting the thunder storms.

Maybe I should start using Dopplr

In Portuguese Portugal

Nova campanha do Sporting Club de Portugal

Não tenho dúvidas: a nova campanha do Sporting é a melhor campanha portuguesa com base na web EVER!

Prt.Sc Techy Tech

Vi cheat sheet

After the last cheat sheet, and since I’ve been using Vi, I searched for some Vi cheat sheets. Here’s what I found and my opinions on them:

Prt.Sc Techy Tech

Unix/Linux command cheat sheet

Unix/Linux command cheat sheet

Very handy indeed, especially for recent switchers. Click here or on the image to get it.

Nothing In Between Techy Tech



Eventually, I’ll compare it to my SE K600i.