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After two weeks of work/trainning, they send me to Poland. Cool…

The not so cool part was at the Lisbon airport. At the check-in, they didn’t let me take my hand luggage to the cabin, so it had to go in the cargo hold. Of course, because the flight was delayed (bad, bad Lufthansa), and I almost missed the connecting flight to Warsaw (wich was delayed too, or I would have been stranded in Frankfurt), the luggage didn’t arrive with me. Fortunatelly, they sorted it out, and it arrived the next day (ie. yesterday).

Oh, what am I doing in Poland? Some migration configuration thingy, nothing big.

About Poland:

  • they get out of work at 16h! But they get in at 8h.
  • the average girl is prettier than in many places. Probably because they tend to be slim and to use just the right amount of makeup.
  • they still have to recover a lot of buildings…
  • otherwise, a very nice country.

Mobile phone photos can be found here.

2 replies on “Abroad”

Poland !!! What are you there ? I was thiking you were in Portugal, replacing a colleague of ours that went into holidays… So who is replacing him right now ?

About Poland… those people are governed by two twins, and are very conservative people, is a low profile that we catch from the world news. May be you can say if this appreciations are true or not.

About the girls being pretty, you are in a central-northern country in Europe, it’s easy to understand (specially if you prefer blondes) tend to be prettier than in Portugal without too much make-up.

I wish good times in Poland !

I have no idea who is replacing him. Maybe no one.

Well, Poland, apart from the world politics, is a very straight forward country. Maybe a bit poorer, but I believe they are dealing with that in a speedy manner. 🙂

As for the girls, I don’t actually prefer blondes. I prefer dark haired ones with green/blue eyes. Oh wait, I already have that in Portugal! 😉

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