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Just got my Fontenna, and it really works! 😀

Update: Ok, you’re right. More info: I don’t have values, but I can now access the network from my living room, which I couldn’t before. And it’s not connected to the Fon router, but to an Asus WL-500g Premium, transmitting in both 802.11b and 802.11g.

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João is right, please elaborate a little more 🙂

I’m still hoping mine arrives tomorrow or wednesday at the most, should be here already since i ordered it a few hours after the it came out.

Is the connector compatible with other routers, like asus wl520g? also, can you be more specific on how much your signal range improved?


I’m moving to a new home very soon and haven’t yet tested wireless coverage. I think I’ll take the AP and the MBP this weekend and make a real life test.
If all goes wrong then hope FON still has fontennas available 🙂

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