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Joost invitations

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For the few people who read this, I still have some Joost invitations. Mail or comment if you want one.

Update: invitations are over… Enjoy!

Update 2: If you can’t read, don’t bother yourself. Se és ‘tuga, também não sabes ler?

15 replies on “Joost invitations”

Hey Duarte

I hope all is well?

I’m very keen to get involved in the Joost world and would like an invitation if possible.



Hey! Joost sounds pretty amazing. I would love an invite if you still have one available.


If you still have an invitation, i would love to get involved with joost.



I have been very interested in getting involved with Joost. I would greatly appreciate an invite so I can start participating in this community of new technology.



Adam, Scully and Russ: thanks for the interest, but as I’ve said in the post, there are no more invitations. Nevertheless, you can keep checking the blog for more invitations.


Hello there,

If you still have new invitation available for Joost i would love te get one.

Please, could someone send me an invitation. This project is excelent, I hope I have the chance to test it…
P.S. Sou tuga ja agr lol