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Yesterday evening, I got my Joost invitation. To anyone who doesn’t know already, Joost is:

a new way of watching TV on the internet, which uses new and established technologies to provide the best of both the internet and TV worlds. We’re in the process of making it as TV-like as we can, with programmes, channels and adverts. You can also see some things that we think will enhance the TV experience: searching for programmes and channels, for example, as well as social features like chat.

And made by the same guys who did Skype.

I first tried to install it here in Ubuntu with Wine, and although the installation went fine, it didn’t run. So… off to Windows… Smooth installation too, let’s run it…

I really liked it. No big gaps during view, some useful widgets (like a chat window with GoogleTalk) and a clock, and a very easy and intuitive GUI. The image quality is quite acceptable in fullscreen and it didn’t make my laptop slow as hell, even though I’m barely over the minimum system requirements.

When, eventually, I’m somewhere where I don’t have access to the TV channels I’m used to, and there’s a good enough internet connection, this will be a very good alternative.

And sorry guys, I don’t have any invitations to give. At least not yet.

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