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Twitter do Público

O David criou um script para o Twitter e agora é possível receber notícias do Público no telemóvel e no IM. Mais informações aqui, aqui, aqui e aqui.

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Green Meme

As tagged by Henriette.

What do you do in your everyday life, that you would consider green?
Nothing much, really… I try to turn off every light I’m not using and I usually drive a Toyota Prius. I also try to keep updated on the subject by reading several feeds.

How is your surroundings supporting your green ways?
The portuguese government is investing in renewable energy, with wind and solar farms. And the price of fossil fuels is way too much expensive…

How is your surrounding standing in your way of green choices?
There isn’t a bike lane in Lisbon, not even on the riverside, and that really annoys me. Also, the lack of subway on the southern part of the city is also a minus. There is a train line, but it’s not as convenient as a subway.

Is there any actions you want to take to create a more green environment around you?
Right now, I don’t know how.

What is the biggest threat to the Earth’s wellbeing these days?
Waste, in all it’s forms, it being material and human resources.

Whom are you going to tag in the green meme?
Huum… Lilian Lehman (I think she cares about this stuff) and David Rodrigues (he’s left wing enough to care :p).

Please tag this meme with “greenmeme”.

Music + YouTube = aka my own personal MTV.

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Henriette Weber Andersen at lisbonlab

Henriette, the other half of the Geek Army Knife was interviewed for lisbonlab. Check it out here.

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World in Widescreen

My dear friend Lilian has finally updated her blog at “World in Widescreen“. She has just imported her old posts from Blogger, and isn’t in Vietnam anymore, but I can’t wait for the new posts from Singapore.

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Migration complete

I’ve just migrated all the posts from my old blog to this one, thanks to this great script from here. I now have full control over my postings. 😀

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Techy Tech player’s Debian/Ubuntu package

Just in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a .deb package in the download section of

This is another reason why I prefer over Pandora.

Update: Alberto Garcia has more packages in his webpage for Debian sarge, Debian etch, Ubuntu dapper and Ubuntu edgy for x86 systems. Thanks!

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Hammer & Coop

Remember the “Knight Rider“?
Remember the “The Hire“?

Now you’ll also remember “Hammer & Coop“!

“Hammer & Coop” is a short series by Mini, starring a Mini Cooper (“Coop”) and Bryan Allen (“Hammer”/”Jim Turtledove”). It’s quite funny, actually…

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A televisão do futuro?

Parte de um artigo muito engraçado, do João Pedro Pereira, pode ser lido aqui.

Tentei ligar-te, mas estavas imersiva. Ainda estou na plataforma ibérica e aguardo o módulo de sensores para a Ota, para poder trabalhar. Depois apanho o Maglev para Lisboa. Já tenho na ‘tablet’ os arquivos disponíveis da história da RTP até 2026 (ano em que a empresa fechou).