How to really play the Wii…


Mudei-me para Já era tempo… Quando houver uma ferramenta pra importar tudo o que está aqui para o outro, vai tudo.

Resposta a Francisco Louçã

As razões do Assim Não

Flatland: The Movie

A classic book, now in a movie adaptation: Flatland: The Movie.

Another one from the drafts: Massive multiplayer online games as third places.

This one is interesting and it also relates to the name of this blog, so…

A major concern of home media such as television and the Internet is that they are replacing essential social institutions and community. While a previous post has indicated that this might not be true, this research paper looks at massive multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft to determine if they are indeed “third places”.

This has been in the drafts section for too long: “The effectiveness of self-imposed deadlines on procrastination”.

Yes, I’m a fan of procrastination… what a beautiful word…

Lose weight with the Wii

It looks like it’s true: link.

Since I haven’t gone to the gym in quite a while, I guess this is my final notice. Tomorrow I’m going to cancel… my subscription? I’m out of English words for this.

The Real World – 1984 style

iPod socks and GAK

After recording “Geek Army Knife #1” (with Henriette Weber and Suw Charman), I learned that Suw’s mother knittes iPod socks. Yesterday, I got the one I ordered for my sister. I actually think they look very cool. It even has a pocket to store the headphones! Of course, my sister loved it… 😉