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Well, here I am… my first blog in english. Why “The Third Place”? Read the about page and this entry on Wikipedia.

You’ve read it? In that case, here, “the third place”, means my third place of gathering (people and ideas).

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Hi!this’s impressive…I’d never been the first to write a blog…i’m joking…I think u’ve the pottencial..or should I say “the thing”…and the mood to put this rolling…Go for it and good luck!

Your anonimous,

Hum… Thanks… I guess…

Anonymous comments always freak me out. If they aren’t spam, they’re a bit like a stranger in the street just saying “Go for it!”. Yeah, it would be nice of him, but it wouldn’t mean much to me. And a comment on the first post, when I already have two new posts? It’s a bit late, isn’t it?

But anyway, thank you very much.

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