It looks like the cheap router times are over. Hurry up if you want one. And don’t do like me, I believe I’ve bricked mine with all that firmware flashing.

Actually, I did a bit of wardriving myself in my neighborhood, and it was ridiculous the amount of unprotected home wireless networks I could access. So, free Internet… just thank the stupid neighbors.

Since everyone is so psyched about the new Dove commercial, here’s the reversed version.

The original is here.

Portugal Continental viveu hoje dia de pluviosidade muito elevada

Que é como quem diz “Hoje choveu como o caralho!”. Pardon my french…

P.S.: Se não perceberam, a notícia está no link do título.

Com tardes destas, é dificil ficar na cama…

Com tardes destas, é dificil ficar na cama…

Com dias destes, nem apetece sair da cama…

Com dias destes, nem apetece sair da cama…

MOO Cards

So yeah… I really want 100 of this. I even have some really cool photos to go with it! The problem is what to write on them. Ok, name and e-mail: check. Next… homepage… I really don’t have one. I write three (kind of) personal blogs, contribute on a bunch of others, and still I don’t have a “first place” to aggregate the main stuff. Whatever that may be.

Logically, the next step would be to get an homepage. Nothing fancy, maybe one that integrates de portuguese blog and this one, a section for the podcast (or should I keep that independent? I probably should.) and, of course, the photo section, with the Flickr goodies and hopefully a good Lomo.Homes link. A decent wordpress hosting can have all of this… Any comment? Please?

Podcasting In Education Slides

Podcasting In Education – The Slides

Here they are, the slides from the “Podcasting In Education” presentation at SHiFT. Too much stupid images and few words. I have a text that goes perfect with this, it’ll be online later on. But probably not today.

If you can’t see an image below this line, it’s because the presentation’s host site is in beta. And that is pretty much an excuse for everything. You can also try this link.

You may have noticed that I’m using SlideShare. You can comment (on the full presentation or individual slides), share and even “flag as inappropriate”! How appropriate… If you want an invite, you can email me at duartegrilo( at )

Edit: It looks like that site has some issues with WordPress. The slides can now be seen here.

Well, here I am… my first blog in english. Why “The Third Place”? Read the about page and this entry on Wikipedia.

You’ve read it? In that case, here, “the third place”, means my third place of gathering (people and ideas).

The Third Place

O meu terceiro blogue é agora em inglês: The Third Place. Um sitio para treinar o inglês e com uma audiência potencialmente bem maior.

Provavelmente será dedicado a coisas mais técnicas, raramente aqui mencionadas e ainda menos no Blitzkrieg Bop.