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Como ando sem paciência para escrever vou só deixa…

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Como ando sem paciência para escrever vou só deixar aqui um excerto de outro blog, enviado pelo Nuno. É uma pequena parte de um dia seu, visto por um amigo. Está em inglês, por isso amanhem-se!

Had a pretty good weekend so far. Friday began with a FE workshop that ran VERY well. We got compliments from the professor, and dirty, jealous stares from the rest of the class. At about 6:00 I went and played some soccer with Mario, Nuno, Eviatar and the guys. We met up with some dudes from Hong Kong who were there, and had a great game.

Afterwards was the metal party at Marios’s. Where to begin? Well, how about with the beverages? Mario and Nuno mixed up their now infamous “Viking Wine.” Nuno knows the recipe from his great ancestors who were pillaged and raped by the Vikings, left with only viking-blooded children and this recipe. Many souls were taken by the Norse gods that night, and good times were had by all. The night ended with Mario’s mother calling and being scared to death when a Mexican party-goer under the control of the viking spirit answered the phone. We cleaned up and got the hell out, leaving Mario passed out, and his only remaining range of motion the ability to raise his hand in the metal sign.

Isto veio daqui.

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